How Do We Create Our Designs?

Fen Photos Design

How we pick our designs

We believe in being up front and honest. That is why all the prices you see on this website include postage and packaging. The price you see is the price you pay, with no nasty surprises at check-out.

We aim to deliver your order within 5 working days, though we ask you allow 28 days in case of stock issues, especially with large orders. We will email you when we receive the order to advise on delivery time.

Pictures were either taken using Canon single lens reflex cameras using either 35 mm film or, more recently, digital. Images taken on 35mm are all shot using Fuji negative film or slide. These images are then scanned at 2000 dpi (dots per inch) and 24 bit colour depth to produce high-resolution files. All digital images were shot in RAW format to ensure the maximum amount of information is retained.

Once in digital form, all images are cropped and adjusted using standard PC based image-editing software such as Photoshop CS3 on a calibrated system for image consistency.

Photographs are then printed on a high-end dedicated photographic printers. These work by exposing red, green and blue laser light onto  photographic paper with at least 254 dpi resolution. The fade resistance of the prints is rated at 150 years. It is important to note that these prints are on true photographic paper, so they should not be confused with inferior ink-jet prints, which can fade quite rapidly.

Pictures are mounted onto high quality Arqadia whitecore mountboard. This is specially treated so the bevel will stay white for the life of the board (on lower-grade mountboard, the bevel tends to go brown after a few months). All mounts are cut by an industrial supplier on computer-controlled machinery, and so don’t suffer from mis-cuts, wonky cuts or poor centralization of the aperture as can often happen with home-cut mounts.

Our frames are professionally made by a specialist company. Small frames are made of ½ inch black wood. Larger frames are made of 35mm flat black polcore moulding and perspex is used rather than glass for safety reasons. The frames are supplied with all the pieces required for hanging. All you need supply at home is a hook!

If you’ve already bought a photograph and want a mount and frame to hang it on your wall, please click here.

If you require a different mount or frame, or want a mounted print cut to a specific size for a frame you already have, please email us to discuss options.